WordPress plugin: How to be Google-Friendly?

Like many of our affiliates, if one of your main concerns is to ensure your website is well ranked and to avoid any downgrading by Google then this article is for you!

We have several marketing tools that are useful for this, but the following article in particular highlights how to use Affil4You’s WordPress Plugin to your best advantage and avoid downgrading penalties for cloaking:

As a reminder, cloaking is a concealment technique that involves presenting a display and content that for Google-Bot (Google’s Robot) are different from what your end customers see.

Our WordPress plugin exists in two forms:

1.  In a pure redirect form allowing our services to be displayed. This is the more profitable version of our plugin, (the one you had chosen to use). Certainly, the contents which are to be found there are different from your Web version and that is why this solution is not entirely Google-Friendly, but by customising the domain name of the redirect website, we have never noted a penalty by Google.

It is therefore important if you use this version to use a customised target and change the default domain name proposed by Affil4You, (“idhad.com“) by putting your own domain name in the site setting page that you use for the plugin. Note that you can customise the domain name before or after you have installed the WordPress plugin. We recommend that you do so beforehand.

If you leave the domain name as idhad, since Google will detect a different domain name for the mobile and web versions, it will associate this with a sneaky redirect, and this is not tolerated.


2. A method offering an optimised Smartphone version of your WordPress and its articles, and displaying banners in the footer and header in turn linking to our remunerative services. This version is less profitable but 100% Google-Friendly, with no cloaking or sneaky redirect risk. In this case, we recommend that you redirect to the optimised target.


All our products are constantly tested and challenged to ensure that there is no difference between these two displays therefore avoiding any cloaking risk for our affiliates.

If you want to check what Google sees when visiting your sites, you can use the “Fetch as Google” tool.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance with this procedure, or need to understand how to customise your domain name.