Qwebec Expo – An Intimate Affair for Affil4You to Attend

The Qwebec Expo is just around the corner and the Affil4You team is making their arrangements for events and meetings. Affil4You is excited to once again be attending the intimate Qwebec Expo being held at the Marriott Chateau Champlain beginning August 14th through till August 17th as it’s proven to be a productive event despite its quaint attendance in comparison to other industry events.


 The Affil4You team would be delighted to meet with anyone attending the Qwebec Expo regardless of whether there is business to be discussed at this time or not as we feel it’s important to know your neighbor in this close knit industry rather than exclude them. It’s vital to Affil4You to always keep communication channels open as this could enable exploration of business further down the track and this is why we are extending our invite to meet to everyone attending this show.

The Qwebec Expo’s line up for 2014 consists of many high profile company’s attendance and events which includes but is not limited to Affil4You’s co-sponsored Friday night bash being hosted at the Roxbury Night club from 10pm till 2am on August 15th. More details regarding all the events taking place during the Qwebec Expo can be found here.

Affil4You is an award winning mobile solution company providing every service that their competitors do but with the security of being successfully in the business for over 10 years.

To meet with an Affil4You colleague while at the Qwebec Expo drop an email to joey@affil4you.com

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